A New  Narrative For Health

WellPlay is committed to scaling healing through content and technology. We work with health companies to improve engagement and health outcomes, using our entertainment expertise to create a new narrative for health.

As the silos between health, technology, and entertainment breakdown, the consumer experience is becoming more interactive and content-driven. WellPlay helps consumer-facing health companies navigate the “screen-first” health experience by crafting enduring content, building engaging products, and designing empowering experiences that improve outcomes.


WellPlay advises health care companies on how to best position themselves in the competitive digital health ecosystem. We will work with you and your team to determine the best strategies to navigate our content-saturated world.


WellPlay will work with you and your team to cultivate the creative vision for your consumer health content. WellPlay will guide you and your team in manifesting a new content driven experience for your customer that is cohesive, engaging and enduring.


A great introduction to health content creation, WellPlay’s workshops provide a jump start for you and your team to think less like Steve Jobs and more like Steven Spielberg. Learn about narrative driven design and rethink your approach to health that suits today's content hungry customers.

We’re entertainment professionals who know what it takes to reframe disengaging, not-so-fun topics into interactive, engaging, and fan worthy content, products, and experiences.

We create fan-worthy health content, products

and experiences that deliver better health outcomes

Brands We've Worked With

"An astute observer of both corporate strategic positioning and consumer habits. They're able to anticipate emerging trends in health, technology, and entertainment."

Board Member, McKesson


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