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We're bringing the best of Hollywood to healthcare, using our entertainment expertise to build a healthcare narrative everyone wants to be a part of. We've successfully used narrative strategy to change culture, attitudes, behavior and policy; and we're just getting started.


We partner with industry innovators to disrupt the status quo  

Creating New Narratives Through

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 We use narrative strategy to help you identify your greatest levers for impact and innovation.

All the Lights


We work together to create a new narrative 

 —  transforming the impossible into reality.  

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An introduction to narrative strategy and entertainment design for healthcare. 

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Designed for busy individuals, our online courses help you reframe your healthcare offering as a fan-worthy experience.

"An astute observer of both corporate strategic positioning and consumer habits. WellPlay is able to anticipate emerging trends in health, technology, and entertainment."
— Board Member, McKesson

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