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Narrative Strategy for Organizations

Organization Narrative Design Sprint

Over the course of 90 days, we will design a health narrative that is enduring, engaging and empowering for you and your stakeholders. This narrative will be the all encompassing framework for your strategic initiative, guiding you in further design iterations, deployment, and future use. 

  • 12 week engagement, $45,000 

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions with cross-functional leadership team

  • Internal narrative testing with key stakeholders

  • Up to 10 hours ad hoc weekly support for senior leaders

  • Deliverable: Narrative Bible 

    • North Star Narrative

    • Models

    • Outline

    • All key messaging outputs

    • Coaching in health storytelling practices

  • Sample Timeline:

    • Weeks 1-3 Discover

      • Review user, market and initiative research

      • Introduction to transmedia storytelling

    • Weeks 4-6 Define

      • Identify narrative opportunities, select opportunity focus

      • Introduction to hero’s journey framework

    • Weeks 7-9 Develop

      • Co-create new health initiative narrative

    • Weeks 10-12 Deliver

      • Internal testing and revisions of narrative

      • Final Narrative Bible delivery

“ There is an art to storytelling. It can be difficult for teams to step back and develop a broad, comprehensive narrative that encompasses all the critical stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Ari does a fantastic job bringing diverse teams through a thoughtful narrative building process and pushes folks to think creatively. “

-Larissa D’Andrea
Global VP of Impact,

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