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A Script Worth Buying

You’d think the glamor of Hollywood would have nothing in common with the conference rooms of Fortune 500 companies or innovation labs of industry leaders. But oddly, producing entertainment is a lot like creating new products, offerings or initiatives for corporations. In TV and film, there is a script which is our source of truth. Written and rewritten by writers (and sometimes producers and directors), the script is shared with the heads of departments, such as cinematography, production design and visual effects, so everyone on the crew knows what we’re creating. Once questions are asked and answered, opinions shared and decisions made, the script transforms from an idea on a page to a living creation.

With the script, we’re able to execute an ambitious vision. Everyone knows their role to play — both on and off screen– and is able to carry out their function, aligned with the source of truth. When George Lucas wrote Star Wars, his world of galactic cowboys and operatic lightsaber battles seemed impossible. But with his scripts, he was able to mobilize his crew to create the unimaginable. An impossible story became a global phenomenon. And it all started with words on a page…

I often think about the importance of a script when working with a company. How can an organization, with multiple stakeholders, come together to create something new? How can everyone be engaged, aligned and then know how to mobilize to achieve their desired outcome?

It all comes back to that source of truth — that story. But corporations don’t need catchy dialogue or jump cuts in a script to create something new. They just need the right narrative.

The right narrative is not created by leadership in isolation. It’s co-created by the teams that are going to turn that story into reality. It’s a story that everyone can own and be a part of. A story that recognizes where they are coming from and where they are going.

Many of my clients are navigating growing disruption and complexity. They seek a coherent and compelling method to navigate challenges — a method that can be embraced across their organization. When we come together to co-create a new narrative, we craft meaning and means into a format that everyone can engage with. From integrating newly acquired companies, to launching new products, the right narrative makes anything possible.

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