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When Content is Your Savior

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

It’s no surprise that Proctor and Gamble is creating their own streaming content. As content morphs from half hour slots on the TV set to unending entertainment at the tip of your finger, non-traditional Hollywood players are finding themselves forced to walk off Wall Street, exchange their Mad Men hats for directors’ chairs and join the great content race. Proctor and Gamble (P&G) is embracing the streaming TV wars by creating their own content, pushing the boundary of the brand beyond supermarket shelves to something more fan worthy: entertainment.

I’m not talking about sponsored content, product placement or slightly more novel advertising methods. I’m talking about consumer product brands producing entertainment that speaks to their brand’s’ values, vision and leadership.

Although I haven’t seen Proctor and Gamble’s newest series, I am excited by consumer product companies that embrace the opportunity to create their own content in order to navigate the challenges of a cord-cutting world.

I predict that consumer product companies won’t be the only ones dipping their toes into Hollywood’s waters. In fact, as entertainment becomes the driving force of engagement and, dare I say, society, we will see companies who have never considered entertaining the masses seeking a chance to live their Hollywood dreams.

Perhaps there will be a miniseries set amongst the backdrop of aeronautic manufacturing. The characters in the series would embody the themes of aerospace engineering, manufacturing and design. (I’m looking at you, Boeing—now’s your chance to redeem the 737 MAX!)

Or maybe a heartfelt romantic comedy produced by will stream during the holidays, targeting Netflix-binging singles who need a push to get back into the game.

But most importantly, we are going to see companies create content that directs the narrative of their brand and the customer experience. No longer will companies rely on traditional marketing to increase sales. Companies must think a lot more like Disney to meet their quarterly goals.

At WellPlay, we are already applying the very best of entertainment to industries outside of Hollywood. We know that it’s not enough for companies and industries to have consumers; they have to have fans.

WellPlay is creating a fandom for health; changing the health narrative and providing an opportunity for patients to become fans of better health. We know how powerful fandoms develop like Trekkies, Little Monsters (Lady Gaga), or Whovians (Dr. Who) and how to generate fan worthy content, products and experiences with our signature Fan Feedback Loop™. We are betting big on entertainment to solve some of healthcare’s most complicated challenges. As entertainment takes center stage, companies must reevaluate their company-consumer relationships, and navigate a population that craves character-driven entertainment.

Will P&G succeed at transforming audiences into fans of their brand? The jury is still out on that one, but I think it’s safe to say we’ll start seeing consumer products companies starting to take a point or two from Disney and Netflix as they navigate our content-crazed world.

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