As the silos between health, technology, and entertainment breakdown, the consumer experience is becoming more interactive and content-driven. At WellPlay, we help health companies navigate the “screen-first” health experience by crafting enduring content, building engaging products, and designing empowering experiences that improve outcomes.





WellPlay advises  companies on how to best navigate the competitive consumer health ecosystem. We will work with you and your team to craft and implement the best strategies, designs and programs that deliver lasting results.


Strategic Advisory is ideal for companies that know they need to improve their consumer-facing health products and services but aren’t quite sure where to start. With our Strategic Advisory service, WellPlay will assess, analyze, and advise on best solutions for you and your company, specifically tailored to your needs and resource constraints.

Health Engagement Strategy & Design Sprint 

90 Day Program

Bringing the best of  behavior design, narrative design, gamification and social interactivity, this design sprint will transform your health patients into health fans, ultimately improving health outcomes and reshaping the way you and your team think about health engagement. 


Audience: Product, Design, Marketing, Engagement, Experience, Growth Teams. 


Solving for

  • User engagement

  • Consumer health experience

  • Digital health experience

  • Treatment adherence

  • Behavior change


  • Engagement Strategy Plan

  • Engagement Design Guide

  • Coaching in new ways of thinking and designing for engagement to start implementing strategy plan

Health Content Strategy & Design Sprint 

90 Day Program

This 90 day program will guide you and your team in manifesting a new content-driven experience for your customer that is cohesive, comprehensible and cinematic.


Audience: Content, Product, Design, Marketing, Engagement, Experience, Growth Teams. 


Solving for

  • Health literacy 

  • Health communications

  • User Generated Content (UGC)

  • Health content design and production


  • Content Strategy Bible 

  • Creative Direction Guide

  • Coaching in health content creation and storytelling





WellPlay’s workshops provide a jump start for you and your team to think less like Steve Jobs and more like Steven Spielberg. Learn about narrative-driven design and rethink your approach to health that suits today's digitally native consumers.


Health Engagement Workshop: 

An introduction to how a healthcare company can activate and sustain engagement for their clients in the healthcare setting based on Self Determination Theory, Behavior Design, and Character Driven Narrative. 

Health Content Workshop:

An introduction to creating compelling and cinematic health content, this workshop infuses health storytelling with today's best content design frameworks.

Health Entertainment Workshop:

How can health organizations create fan worthy content, products and experiences? In this workshop, participants will explore how to transform patients into fans of health with narrative design, while gaining the tools to create compelling consumer offerings.



We create fan-worthy health content, products, and experiences that deliver better health outcomes.