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The right narrative brings us all along on a shared journey to desired outcomes.

We're pioneers of narrative strategy and design. We use our entertainment expertise to create stories that engage, endure and empower.

Together, we co-create narratives that transform  vision into reality. Our narratives are designed to engage, align and mobilize stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. 

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We're committed to changing the health narrative

WellPlay is committed to scaling healing. We work with healthcare organizations across the ecosystem, bringing our unique perspective and expertise to create a healthcare experience everyone wants to be a part of. 

Our Founder,
Ari Mostov

Ari Mostov is an award-winning entertainment producer,  narrative strategist and social activist.  

She has successfully used entertainment to change culture, attitudes, behavior and policies; most notably with the Oscar nominated film The Hunting Ground  and it's corresponding social impact campaign It's On Us.

Raised by a physician-scientist, Ari always had  a "doctor in your pocket" type of healthcare experience that was easy and empowering. Once recognizing that her experience was the exception rather than the rule, Ari pivoted to healthcare and now uses her entertainment experience  to create a new narrative for health.


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 Prior to founding WellPlay, Ari worked as the business manager for Human Innovation Leader Jennifer Kenny, author of The Innovation Mindset. Jennifer mentored Ari in design thinking, systems thinking, executive strategy and team mobilization.  

Ari attended University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts where she majored in screenwriting. Her work has been published in Scientific American, featured in Teen Vogue, Huffington Post and distributed on CNN, FOX, Discovery, Participant Media, Netflix, Xbox, Playstation and Amazon. She has presented at TEDx and performed on stage with Lady Gaga. When not creating new narratives, she can be found at the barn with her horse, Zamarra, or reading the latest webtoon comic. 

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"There is an art to storytelling. It can be difficult for teams to step back and develop a broad, comprehensive narrative that encompasses all the critical stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Ari does a fantastic job bringing diverse teams through a thoughtful narrative building process and pushes folks to think creatively."

 -Larissa D'Andrea,

Global VP Government and Clinical Affairs,  and Market Access

Clinical Connect LLC

"Ari (WellPlay) guided me through a historically untraveled creative process path that resulted in a value proposition that shares my knowledge of Clinical Affairs, Evidence Generation & Dissemination in an engaging and professional manner. Following the narrative process with Ari to launch my company was the smartest decision I made."

- Lisa Boyle, Clinical Innovation Leader | Principal & Owner Clinical Connect LLC |

Former VP of Clinical Affairs at BD


"An astute observer of both corporate strategic positioning and consumer habits. Ari is able to anticipate emerging trends in health, technology, and entertainment and I believe this sets her and her company up for success, no matter the circumstances.

-Marie Knowles

(Ret.) Board Member


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