We’re entertainment professionals who know what it takes to reframe disengaging, not-so-fun topics into interactive, engaging, and fan worthy content, products, and experiences. While technologists and doctors continue to struggle with health engagement, we are using the principles of entertainment and play to increase health engagement and improve health outcomes.

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We're committed to changing the health narrative.

WellPlay is committed to scaling healing through content and technology. We work with consumer facing health companies

to improve engagement and health outcomes, using our

entertainment expertise to create a new narrative for health.

Our Founder,

Ari Mostov

Ari Mostov is an award winning producer, writer and social activist. She is the creator of Virus Hunters, a mobile game where players must hunt, battle and capture viruses and other pathogens in augmented reality. Ari has presented at TEDx, performed alongside Lady Gaga at the 2016 Oscars, and has appeared in multiple international publications regarding her social activism.

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 Ari attended University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts where she majored in screenwriting. Her work has been published in Scientific American, featured in Teen Vogue, Huffington Post and distributed on CNN, FOX, TLC, Participant Media, Netflix, Xbox, Playstation and Amazon. She is committed to using entertainment to improve health outcomes.

Running Man

What People Are Saying

Mary Hentges, 

Board Member, Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine

Ari had a personal passion for increasing public awareness and knowledge of viruses and health long before the current pandemic. Her concept of learning through games is brilliant ...I applaud her enthusiasm and determination to have a long standing impact on public health through increased knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

 Philip Corriveau, Emmy winning UX Leader. Former Intel Senior Principal Engineer. 

I have had the pleasure to engage with Ari around understanding the ecosystem of health in America and the need for better access for underrepresented communities. She is an amazing sounding board for strategic direction and thought leadership."

Marie Knowles,

Board Member, McKesson

Ari is an astute observer of both corporate strategic positioning and consumer habits. She is able to anticipate emerging trends in health, technology and entertainment and I believe this sets her and her company up for success, no matter the circumstances.

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