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🌟Strategic Communications🌟

strategic communications

Whenever I encounter the word "strategic," I often find myself questioning its true relevance. Can communications truly be strategic, or is it just another buzzword?

Yet, my perspective shifted when I began collaborating with large organizations—those with 10,000+ employees. It became apparent that our communication efforts needed to do more than daily business support. In times of uncertainty (which are more frequent than we care to admit) strategic communications become essential in shaping meaning and providing clarity for both internal and external stakeholders. Whether an organization is navigating growth or facing disruption, knowing what, how, and when to communicate is paramount.

When setting new objectives, the way we communicate them across the organization becomes a strategy in itself—requiring careful forethought and design. Consider this: if the objective is to increase sales by 20%, how do you communicate this goal to the engineering team versus the sales team? What message resonates with directors versus individual contributors? Stakeholder communications are far from straightforward emails; they demand tailored approaches to ensure understanding and buy-in.

A truly effective organization understands the importance of soliciting input from its stakeholders. Communication is not a one-way street; it's a dynamic feedback loop. Great strategic communications continuously adjust outputs based on inputs, fostering engagement and alignment across the board.

Strategic communications are essential to organizational success. By recognizing the intricacies of communication and embracing a feedback-driven approach, organizations can navigate challenges with clarity and purpose. 

It's time we view communications not just as a means of conveying information, but as a strategic imperative for achieving our goals.

Ask youself: what role does communication play in your strategy? Do you find it challenging to communicate your objectives to multiple stakeholders? How could strategic communications serve you as you launch your next initative? 

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