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🌟The Design Thinking Story🌟

Updated: Mar 21

We often hear of the importance of using storytelling in our design practice.

design thinking story

In a field that loves a good diagram, I've found it helpful to map my favorite storytelling device: The Story Circle (a simplification of the Hero's Journey) with the stages of Design Thinking. 

Like the Hero's Journey, design requires us to overcome an obstacle (the problem), enter the unknown. (the reframe), find what we need (solution) and navigate the effects (impact). 

When I approach a design opportunity, I honestly see layers of story. And I will map the stories on this diagram to help identify shared themes, desires and opportunities for meaning making. 

This diagram was inspired by Sara Beckman and Michael Barry's 2009 paper on Design and Innovation through Storytelling

Does this diagram resonate with you? How could you use it to advance your design and storytelling practice?

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