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What Comes After Consumer Health?

consumer health will become fan worthy

March Madness may be the time of year for college basketball, but this March has also been a remarkable feat of consumer healthcare wins:

Healthcare is becoming easier, more convenient and more cost efficient. But what comes next?

Enter the era of Health Fans.

consumer health's evolution

The very best healthcare experiences, interactions and products will not just be convenient and easy. They will be enjoyable. They will be engaging and empowering. They will be fun and worth repeating. They will be fan-worthy.

Inspired by fandoms from entertainment, plus leaning into immersive technologies that make healthcare seamless, Health Fans will lead healthcare, with a focus on creating healthcare experiences that are worth celebrating.

We already see this with Health Fans on social media and other creator platforms, sharing stories of their experiences living with health conditions, their quests to seek better solutions, and designing healthy lives that work for them.

Just as movie releases or play off games bring fans together, Health Fans are congregating in comment sections, on forums and in person as they share and celebrate their health wins. These communities are sources of care, connection and innovation, proving vital to better health.

And taking some cues from Hollywood, health tech is leveraging our love of great entertainment to deliver therapies, interventions and care that feel less like medicine and more like play.

As we celebrate recent achievements in consumer healthcare, let’s seize the opportunity to embrace the transformative power of Health Fans. Together, we can shape a healthcare landscape that is not only effective, efficient and safe, but also fan-worthy.

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