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🌟 Narrative Bible🌟

When I produced TV, we had a show bible. It was a working document that included all the story information we needed to know about the show, the characters, the episodes and seasons. It was our source of truth, ensuring that the new episodes we created aligned with everything we've created before.

When I started working with organizations, I realized how vital it was for the teams to have a source of truth -- their own bible. This was especially true when it came to innovation.

If the North Star Narrative is the compass for your organization, then the Narrative Bible is the turn-by-turn instructions you need to get to your destination.

For organizations, the Narrative Bible is specifically designed around strategic communications. It provides the language and models to best communicate for each group of stakeholders -- enabling engagement, alignment and mobilization.

Narrative Bible

One of my favorite parts of creating a Narrative Bible is tailoring the messaging for different stakeholders. The messaging you use with R&D is going to be different than the message you use with investors, product or regulatory, but they still need to come from the one source of truth.

Ask yourself, what's your organization's or team's source of truth?

Are you able to communicate it effectively for all stakeholders?

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