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🌟 Story Maturity 🌟


Within organizations, there exist four distinct levels of story maturity:

story maturity

Disorder: At this level, both you and your team are adrift, lacking a shared mental framework, common language, or cohesive communication. It feels as though you're lost in nonsense.

History: Progressing from disorder, you begin to piece together past achievements and data. This retrospective examination allows you to construct stories rooted in your team's collective experiences and accomplishments.

Brand: As your organization evolves, you reach a stage where your current activities are recognizable, both to yourselves and your customers. This phase is characterized by coherent storytelling in marketing, content creation, and external communications, presenting a clear picture of your present identity and activities. 

Narrative: The highest level of story maturity involves looking towards the future with a clear vision. Despite the uncertainty that lies ahead, your team understands the trajectory it wishes to pursue and actively shapes forthcoming opportunities to realize this vision. Initiatives such as research and development, strategic planning, internal communications, and company manifestos exemplify this forward-looking approach.

How would you define your organization or team's story maturity? Do you find yourself struggling to move past your history? Are you lost in disorder? Or do you have a sense of how you want to build the future?

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