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🌟 Story versus Narrative 🌟

Often, we use the words "story" and "narrative" interchangeably, but they are distinct concepts. Let's explore story versus narrative.

A story is like history, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. It's a series of events that have already occurred, and while there can be stories happening in the present, the essence of "storytelling" lies in sharing events with identifiable timelines.

Narrative, on the other hand, lacks a predetermined ending. It encompasses both the present and the future, with the future yet to unfold. Narratives are continually evolving and perpetuated, shaped by the stories we tell.

But here's the fascinating part: a narrative is a system of stories. Imagine a forest composed of many trees—each story is a tree, a unit contributing to the larger narrative. When you're within the forest of narrative, you're surrounded by countless stories, each playing a unique role. Stepping outside, you gain perspective on the overarching narrative that encompasses them all, like viewing the entire forest from a distance. 🌳✨

story verses narrative
Story versus Narrative

As Spock once said, "One man cannot summon the future." To which Captain Kirk replied, "But one man can change the present."

This reminds us that within the vast systems of narrative, our actions in the present can shape the unfolding future. 🚀🌍

Consider, how do the stories we tell create our future? What narrative(s) are we perpetuating?

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