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🌟 Narrative Strategy 🌟

What is "Narrative Strategy"?

Narrative is a system of stories, while strategy is the planning and execution of actions or policy to reach specific aims. Combine these two concepts, and you have 'Narrative Strategy' – the art and science of storytelling to achieve desired outcomes.

Here's the intriguing part: Narrative Strategy possesses the remarkable ability to align large organizations. In these complex settings, individuals often grapple with understanding their purpose and direction within the broader context. They don’t know what story they’re in and where they are heading.

When an organization embraces Narrative Strategy, something magical happens. Its language, culture, and functions all converge around a shared "North Star Narrative." This North Star Narrative is like the score of a symphony, enabling each individual to find their place within the composition.

Narrative Strategy

Much like a music composer creates a score for an orchestra, I work with organizations to craft their North Star Narrative. Together, we harmonize their unique stories into a powerful symphony of success.

More about Narrative Strategy

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